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Model: Battery for KT55 series
For KT55, KT55W and KT55WxSmart Battery 2260mAh Li-Polymer..
$630 $700
Model: Expansion Mic for KT 300 series & KT 200 series (1 pair)
Works with: Konftel 250, Konftel 300, Konftel 300IP, Konftel 300Wx, Konftel 300M, Konftel 55W Increases the range from 30 square metres up to 70 (750 sq ft). Connection cables in two lengths, 1.5 metres (4 ft) and 2.5 metres (8 ft) included...
$1,818 $2,020
Model: 3.5mm Mobile Cable
Mobile cable for smartphones (Android/iOS) with 3.5mm (CTIA standard). Length: 1.5 meters...
$356 $396
Model: BT30 Bluetooth dongle
The Konftel BT30 USB 2.0 Adapter 900102141 is designed to optimise wireless Bluetooth connection for wideband audio in Konftel conferencing applications. It also works with Konftel 55Wx and Konftel Ego, but with a shorter wireless range.• Product Type: USB 2.0 Adapter• Compa..
$518 $575
Model: Desk Phone Adapter
Works with: Konftel 55, 55wxWith 0.5 m and 3 m connection cables. For connection to system phones. Colour: Liquorice black...
$519 $577
Model: IP DECT 10
The Konftel IP DECT 10 gives you a dynamic approach to your conference calls as it provides HD audio which gives much more natural sounding speech than the sound you get with conventional phone calls. It picks up tones of voice and nuances, making conversation more fluid. It is now possible to take ..
$2,107 $2,341
Model: Konftel Power Supply for KT200/300 series
The Konftel AC Adapter 14V DC is a replacement power supply adapter that is compatible to use for Konftel 50, Konftel 60W, Konftel 100, Konftel 200, Konftel 200W, Konftel 200NI, Konftel 200AUX, Konftel 220, Konftel 250, Konftel 300, Konftel 300IP, Konftel 300IPx, Konftel 300W, Konftel 300Wx, Konftel..
$630 $700
Model: OCC Hub
The Konftel OCC Hub is the beating heart of Konftel’s solutions for video conferencing in every kind of meeting room. It supports Konftel One Cable Connection, so a single USB cable is all you need to connect the camera, the speakerphone and the room’s screen to the collaboration app on yo..
$1,242 $1,380
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