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Established 1935
Over 129,000 employees worldwide
One of FORTUNEs ‘World’s Most Admired Companies’
Recognised as one of World’s leading Socially Responsible Companies by Dow Jones<
7th largest IT provider in World<
No.1 IT service provider in Japan
7th largest* IT provider in World
7th largest* IT provider

The patented audio technology OmniSound® guarantees that your remote meeting will have impressive and crystal-clear sound in both directions – full duplex. Hypersensitive microphone with 360° sound pickup and speakers that provide powerful sound distribution to all participants.
OmniSound® HD delivers HD sound for VoIP calls. Also equipped with automatic echo cancellation and noise suppression that minimizes background interference as well as an equalizer for personal adjustment of audio properties.
Move freely around the room, talk, discuss and debate with retained sound quality that is entirely free from irritating sound clipping, damping or echoes. It's as close as you can get to natural sound.