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Fujitsu electronic whiteboard 5-year product warranty and after-sales service:
    -Reply within 24 hours of the first year and one-on-one replacement.
    -Reply within 24 hours from the 2nd year to the 5th year and on-site maintenance on the next working day as soon as possible.
    -Product warranty and liability insurance (please see attachment)
2-year product warranty and after-sales service for enamel magnetic whiteboard:
    -Reply within 24 hours in the first and second years and on-site maintenance on the next working day as soon as possible.

Fujitsu acts with integrity and quality assurance:
From the perspective of maintaining and improving corporate value, the Fujitsu Group recognizes that the operation and maintenance of the internal control system (including compliance) is one of the most important management issues.
Therefore, we will ensure that all organizations in the group are notified of the code of conduct guidelines in the form of "Fujitsu Way".
In addition, in all our business activities, we at Fujitsu will be aware of and observe high-level corporate ethics that respect international and local standards, and act with integrity.

Fujitsu Global Quality Policy
 - pursue quality from the customer's point of view.
 - ensure quality to support safety and security.
 - work with our business partners to improve quality.
 - have established a quality management and quality assurance system, and continue to engage in quality improvement activities.
Fujitsu has formulated the "Fujitsu Group Quality Charter" and five quality-related regulations (transportation, registration and release regulations, safety promotion regulations, etc.) to implement Fujitsu's global quality policy.